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Odell Octopus

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$19.00 - $110.00
SKU: 19906
UPC: 670983107470


Have you ever seen an octopus blush? Well although Odell is shy, this octopus really wants a new friend. Adopt one today!

A squishy, splendid apricot octopus, she has so much love to give! Smiley and silly, with bright, glossy eyes, she's a very friendly cephalopod. Odell has eight fine, curly arms with cosy cordy and classic fur. No surprise that she gives the best hugs in the ocean!

Odell is available in four sizes;
   Tiny Odell is 6" W x 3" H.
   Small Odell is 9" W x 4" H.
   Medium Odell is 20" W x 7" H.
   Really Big Odell is 30" W x 12" H.

  • Very soft, plush stuffed animal toy
  • Ready to make a friend
  • Made of polyester, filled with plastic pellets
  • Good for all ages