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NHA Time Traveler's Kit

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This beautifully designed three-piece set guides families to adventures at each of the Association’s Historic Sites.

At each Historic Site, participants get their Time Traveler’s passport stamped and fill in their journals and coloring books with the history they have learned.  Once a Time Traveler has their entire passport stamped, they can redeem a prize at the Whaling Museum.

The Time Traveler’s experience was created by students in the Michael Graves College at Kean University through a multi-year project partnership.  The NHA thanks the students Zandra Aguilo, Catherine Circonciso, Zoe Feuer, Melissa Ostrander, Patrycja Sliwowska, and Drew Spahn, as well as their practicum staff, Christopher Navetta, faculty mentor, and Dawnmarie McDermid, Creative Director for their time and creativity throughout the development process of this project.