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Featuring 200 historical events about whaling and Nantucket, these NHA History Cards make for a fun family game night or party pleaser. Simply deal out the cards and choose from one of four game varieties: Nantucket Timeline, False Fluke, Two Lies & A Truth, and Under Par.

Spanning from 8,000 BC through 2021, events include the Great Fire of 1846, the Essex disaster, the Nantucket bank robbery, the building of The Great Point Lighthouse, Herman Melville's visit to the Island, and more.

Game Varieties:

  • Nantucket Timeline—Build your own history timeline by correctly guessing when events occurred.
  • False Fluke—A variation of Cheat or BS where players attempt to get rid of all of their cards.
  • Two Lies & A Truth—Trick your opponent by switching the dates on your cards.
  • Under Par—Try to guess an event's exact year to get the lowest possible score.
  • Or, simply use as flashcards.

More Information:

  • Great travel game
  • 100 front-and-back cards, features 200 events about Nantucket and whaling
  • Choose from four unique game varieties
  • Card size: 2.5" x 3.5"
  • Comes in custom box to hold all cards
  • NHA exclusive