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Dune Touch The World Bracelet with Nantucket Sand

From Top Animal Welfare, Ocean Conservancy, Humanitarian Medical Care, Rainforest Conservation and Autism Awareness
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Join the Dune Adventure! Each Touch the World bracelet contains Nantucket sand and supports one of 12 global causes. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of each bracelet benefit the cause you select.

Each purchase comes with a Passport and a stamp for the selected cause. If you collect all 12, Dune will send you their Global Giving Bracelet that holds sand and natural elements from all Seven Continents, or a custom bracelet made with your selection of sand.  (Special bracelet is only available as a gift upon completion of the program through

Keep up with others as they collect via @dunejewelry on Instagram and Facebook.

Note: The sand in each bracelet is real sand, so the color may vary. Not all bracelets are pictured.

  • Attractive design, makes a great gift
  • Choose from 12 bracelet colors/causes
  • 10% of proceeds from the sale benefit the cause you select
  • Special bracelet available after collecting all 12
  • Made on Cape Cod