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Dune Touch The World Bracelet with Nantucket Sand

From Top Animal Welfare, Ocean Conservancy, Humanitarian Medical Care, Rainforest Conservation and Autism Awareness
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SKU: 21593

Join the Dune Adventure!  Each Touch the World bracelet contains Nantucket sand and supports on of 12 global causes.  10% of the proceeds from the sale of each bracelet benefit the cause you select.

Note sand in each is real sand so color may vary.  Not all bracelets pictured.

Each purchase comes with a Passport and a stamp for the selected cause.

As you collect bracelets, and support causes, you can collect passport stamps  If you collect all 12 Dune will send you their Global Giving Bracelet that holds sand and natural elements from all Seven Continents or a custom bracelet made with your selection of sand.  (Special bracelet is only available as a gft upon completion of the program through TTW@dunejewelry.com)

Keep up with others as they collect via @dunejewelry on Instagram and Facebook.